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My Dental Plan 


The City of Chattanooga will be offering two DPPO plans and a DHMO plan for January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024. For a comparison of all three plans, please see the comparison chart.


Dental 1000 (DPPO).  This plan has a $1,000 calendar year maximum, a $50 deductible, and covers preventive services at 100%, basic services with 80% coinsurance, and major services with 50% coinsurance.


Dental 1500-O (DPPO). This plan has many of the same provisions as Dental 1000; however, this plan has a $1,500 calendar year maximum and includes orthodontia coverage at 50% coinsurance and a $1,500 lifetime maximum orthodontia benefit for both children and adults. Rates for this plan are 16% higher than the Dental 1000 offering. 

The network for the Dental 1000 and Dental 1500-O is the Total Cigna DPPO network and includes the CIGNA DPPO Advantage network and the CIGNA DPPO network. Benefits for preventive services are the same for both networks but the Advantage network may offer more savings for other dental services. The plans allow out-of-network reimbursement based on the Maximum Allowable Charge. All participating dentists are listed in one directory, which you can easily search online at or call 1-800-564-7642 for more information. 


Monthly Dental Rates

2024 Dental 1000 and 1500 Rates.png

Dental HMO (also know as Cigna DHMO). This plan has a Patient Charge Schedule of covered services. Additional dentists have been added to the network for the HMO (Cigna Dental Care Access Plus network). This plan requires you to pre-select a network dentist to manage your care. You must select a dentist prior to scheduling treatment. Your benefits for this plan are listed on the Patient Charge Schedule and only covered procedures are listed. You may research the directory or the Schedule of Benefits by  visiting or call 1-800-564-7642. After you enroll you will receive a welcome kit from CIGNA by mail with instructions to identify your provider and obtain ID cards.

Monthly Dental Rates

2024 Dental HMO Rates.png

Dental Plan Comparison Chart

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